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quickrick said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Amazon wasn't wrong. They were reporting numbers based on their sales, not making predictions for NPD. Amazon wasn't wrong, the people speculating are. 

OH come on. when we talk about amazon, we are talking about people that take there rankings as the truth, which is a lot of people.

  • There you go ... you just implied it again. "we are talking about people that take there rankings as the truth". Amazon's rankings are accurate... for their website. It's based on sales, on their website. It is not a speculative ranking meant to represent an entire country. And just like all data pertaining to one source of sales, it is not ever going to be representative of the entire market. Would Amazon be entirely accurate for the market if the Switch had won? Not necessarily, seeing as how the specifics like how dramatic the difference is in sales could still be exaggerated. Regardless I don't see the point in belittling people for using Amazon as a source to support speculation, it's not the best but most of the discussion on this site is based on similarly slippery slopes.