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quickrick said:
Miyamotoo said:

Amazon was not wrong, fact is that Switch is selling great on Amazon, and point that Switch is 3rd this month doesnt mean its losing momentum, Switch can still selling good despite point that XB1 or PS4 sold better. So you ignoring January sales, and point that seems that Switch is selling better in March curently compared to February and go right away on conclusion that Switch is loosing momentum!? Nothing new from you.

How was amazon not wrong? it's the most wrong it's ever been wrong in console rankings. switch was ahead by xbox and ps4, by a huge margin, and lost to both. switch sold probably around 200-230k that's a pretty weak for February, where ps4 usually does 350-400k. 

Amazon sales rankings means just that, sales on Amazon, not hole sales in America, so fact is that Switch is selling good on Amazon. You do realise that Switch can have good month despite PS4/XB1 sold better, and that one month in which Switch only Bayonetta dont means loosing momentum, right!?  

Also, person who gave us this informations, also said that "Switch hardware sales are also progressing in line with Nintendo's guidance and sales of Nintendo software, especially its own major titles, appear to be favorable".

But of course you ignored evre logical possibility and used point that Switch is 3rd this month means that Switch started loosing momentum.