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Sweet, though why those characters? I've atleast heard of Mighty, but never knew the Squirrel existed. Physical is $10 more than digital so atleast I don't feel bad about not waiting.

Nem said:

I want Sonic mania 2 alot aswell. I am still cross that Mania didn't get Ice cap.

But, the remixed levels will help.


You're not a Sonic Fan so you probably missed them, but they are older than knuckles (and probably Tails).

They have been noticeably forgotten and will be re-introduced to the plebs now. Be happy... it could be Cream or Big. Be careful what you wish for. :P

Yes Ice Cap is such an amazing level! A crime they failed to include it in both Mania and Generations it is. Also what's so bad about Cream? Not that it would be her, I'd expect fan favorites like Shadow and Blaze.