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I am so happy! Mighty let's gooo!

I really wanted that. ^^


I want Sonic mania 2 alot aswell. I am still cross that Mania didn't get Ice cap.

But, the remixed levels will help.

PwerlvlAmy said:
those other characters look like some really bad fanfic tho lol

You're not a Sonic Fan so you probably missed them, but they are older than knuckles (and probably Tails).

They have been noticeably forgotten and will be re-introduced to the plebs now. Be happy... it could be Cream or Big. Be careful what you wish for. :P

Cloudman said:
I'm mad I didn't wait, though I had to have it day 1. I don't really like double dipping, especially for the same platform, so I'll likely skip this. Still eager to play as Mighty though.

Not to worry, it will be available as DLC to the digital game. :)

Last edited by Nem - on 17 March 2018