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MasterThief said:
LipeJJ said:

You’re dead wrong about Switch, my friend. xD It already have 3 games over 1 million and another one that will join them in 1 month or so. And it’s been out for only 1 year. And no, many of those games weren’t bundled or were limited bundled.

you sound fanboysih but 2 of these 3 games are bundled with the console.  that is just a fact its not my opinion. which is literally what I said. not responding again because I smell some fanboysim odor. 


and those numbers aren't impressive by any means. for a country that used to be considered one of the biggest gaming markets. 

Ok, I'll ignore the free offensive part...

So, of the games bundled, all of them were limited. And why those numbers don't seem impressive? I'd like you to list one system, just one, that got 4 games that sold over 1 million in Japan on its first year. Hint: It never happened. Also, you're saying that Japan used to be one of the biggest gaming markets, but as far as I know, it's still the second biggest market, behind US only.

It sounds like you decided to post without any knowlegde. Better do some research next time.

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