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taus90 said:
So many errors in your post, have been a playstation user since PS1, you have no idea how expensive PS2 was in india 32k when in US it was 14k $299 back then dollar was better, and it was only available in grey market, and after the launch of PS2 sony launched PS1 in india.. and near the PS3 launch PS2 was launched so i had to skip PS2 in favor of importing PS3 as it costed the same as official PS2 in india. Blame it on import duty in India

But right now being in the game development scene, I have had the privileged of buying all the console "for work"
Dont know where you got your rates from but
Bought PS4 in 2015 for 25k, Ps4 Pro in early 2017 for 29k, and again two ps4 slim for 21k
and xbox slim for 19k. And Ps4 Pro did launch in india in limited quantity for 39k thats 6k cheaper than xbox one x
and dont know who quoted you 12gb PS3 price.. but its for 12.5k (official)

and the thing is these are all grey market consoles, and the best part about Sony is that they realize that how expensive importing is, So if you purchase an EU region Playstation, Sony will still support it with a half priced warranty, and if you pay extra 1.5k you will get full fledge warranty for 1 year.

Although I agree the PSN here in India, But using a different region PSN is much better, I have two active accounts which i use US as my primary account and a HK one for PSplus and stuff as its damn cheap to buy it from HK.. And always buy games from Grey market its much cheaper. have been buying all the new games at 3k which is around $45.

PS4 in 2018 costs 27k so I don't know where you got it in 2015 at that price.

PS4 Pro is 36k last time I saw it.

Xbox One is 24k.

These are all official prices at retailers and the ones that really matter. Grey markets aren't accessible and even known by a lot of consumers. Official price is what keeps people away from these consoles.