Azzanation said:
Barkley said:

As I stated in my past few posts $400m from halo includes hardware bundles, so according to you the vast majority of uc4 sales come from bundles, which would put it's revenue at at least $3 billion. WOW!!!

Link me a PS game that made $400+ revenue?

Alright let me spell this out for you cause you're apparently not getting it.

The $400m revenue figure you're spouting for halo, includes hardware sales - "the "biggest Halo launch" of all time. The figure includes sales of games and hardware"

Apparently you believe Uncharted 4 sold the majority of it's copies as a bundle. Let's pretend everything you say is true. - "Where i am from UC4 was bundled in majority of PS4s, you could not buy a PS4 without UC4 at xmas time unless you brought a Pro. Funny how its sales went from 4m to 8m so fast."

So if half of UC4 sales are bundles... 5m * $300 = $1.5b

Let's pretend the other half sold for $2 in a bargin bin because it only sold well because people were forced to get it in a bundle.... 5m * $2 = 0.01b

That would put Uncharted 4 revenue at $1.51 Billion, measured by the same metric as the $400m Halo 5  figure you're using.