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MasterThief said:
LipeJJ said:

You’re dead wrong about Switch, my friend. xD It already have 3 games over 1 million and another one that will join them in 1 month or so. And it’s been out for only 1 year. And no, many of those games weren’t bundled or were limited bundled.

you sound fanboysih but 2 of these 3 games are bundled with the console.  that is just a fact its not my opinion. which is literally what I said. not responding again because I smell some fanboysim odor. 


and those numbers aren't impressive by any means. for a country that used to be considered one of the biggest gaming markets. 

More like where bundled, as the bundles sold out pretty much as soon as they appeared. But even if you count out the bundles, those 2 games (Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2) would easily have reached the million last year.

Japan is rapidly aging and the population shrinking. Unless there's a major change in japanese society it will continue to go down, as the numbers of potential gamers is shrinking fast