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twintail said:
reviniente said:

I'm not following.

The thread is about how well these 2 games will sell. Then ppl have said that Game Pass will negatively impact sales numbers for SoT. My question is whether downloads of the game from anyone with game pass could theoretically be added to sales numbers. If so that means Game pass wouldnt negatively impact sales numbers (at least according to MS). Again, my question is whether this is possible.

Oh, I see. I don't think SoT downloads on Game Pass should count as individual sales. What M$ is going for, with the Game Pass initiative, is a massive installed base that brings in a steady flow of revenue. Digital sales from both Xbox One and Windows 10 players not subscribed to Game Pass should definitely count, but as I stated on another post, unless official statements are released, we may never know exactly how much it sold.