axumblade said:
PwerlvlAmy said:

unless you can find a way to make your mouth wider, so you can be like in the black hole sun music video

Hmm...Slarvax won't let me edit photos or I would definitely do that next round!

Slarvax said:

Don't forget to send it to me or upload it in one of the threads.

Off topic, but next round is the biggest oof.

Aye aye cap'n. 

What do you mean by oof?

PSintend0 said:

Now I must think of another excuse to give you low points. Is it okay if I give you 1p by accident? Will anyone believe it? Did I mess it up by telling that. I just can´t stop writing what am I thinking.

Huh, the thinking stopped.

I plan on banning everyone that gave me a 1 first round on the day of my 2nd round so don't worry :P

I say ban everyone who didnt put you in first place. That way in the next rounds, you know who is going to vote for you and will cruise to an easy win

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