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RolStoppable said:
AlfredoTurkey said:

Either way, wouldn't Nintendo hold the record?

When a press release uses an arbitrary metric, then it's quite safe to assume that it isn't an overall record. Nintendo of America has done the same thing to celebrate Switch as a #1 console.

Miyamotoo said:

Actually it seems that's new record for any Nintendo system, previous record was held buy Wii.

See the response above. Nintendo of America excluded Nintendo handhelds to celebrate Switch as #1.

I don't know which consoles have Switch beaten in Germany. Could be Nintendo handhelds, PlayStation home consoles or even both.

No, my point is, Nintendo would hold the record for handhelds already so they've got one of the records locked down. Either way, they hold a record there. If Switch is considered a home console too, then that would be two records in total.