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super_etecoon said:
Platina said:

The Switch is probably not for you


Here's the text from that post for those who are interested:

Pagan wrote:

Hey people. I just sold all of my consoles. I am console free now. Thought of holding the switch but nah. Just my PC left. But also just for printing something, writing emails and for sure my crypto wallets. 

Why i did that? Gaming is boring. My first "console" was a c64. So i have seen all of the generations. I have a son  now. He is better than every game with a 100 Meta Score.

I really feel free. I am happy about that. Just wanted to tell that to the vgchartz. I will not miss it.



Makes the entire thread concept moot, doesn't it?

We all go through gaming lulls.  Sometimes they even happen when games are at their best, but our disposition makes us easily reject them.  Don't fight it and the desire for gaming (console or pc) will return...or it won't.  But we're not going to be able to help you change your mind or care more than you do.  There's plenty other hobbies waiting to be explored.

Yea, gaming is not meant to consume our lives. Not everyone is gonna be able to buy most of these games, let alone play them. Not enough money or time. It can be hard to grasp for some, but there is more to life than gaming. I haven't even finished Bayonetta 1 and haven't started 2 since I've been busy.