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Darc Requiem said:
Hmm....I don't know. It's far exceeded anything I expected. I think it, depending on China, has a shot to catch the TLJ.

I think it's almost guaranteed to pass TLJ at the DBO at this point. FBO is going to be a tall order, though, the DBO might be enough to make up for it. Either way, it's still probably going to end up only ~$100M  or so behind, which is pretty bad for TLJ considering it's part of largest film franchise ever and what it should have done (~$750M+ DBO and ~$1.7B+ WW).

Insidb said:
So...Rian Johnson is getting fired?

Lol. Seriously, he should be.  I mean if BP, a standalone Marvel film, can get within striking distance to it WW, even passing it at the DBO, and Avengers:IW and JW2 end up passing it, obviously he failed to make a movie that pleased fans.  To give him free reign over the future of the franchise would be insanity in my opinion.

Last edited by thismeintiel - on 10 March 2018