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V-r0cK said:
Well deserved!! It'll probalby peak at like $1.3B im guessing

I think the film could have definitely been better. Or maybe it just needed a small trim.

Anyway, right now, BP is tracking 9.2% above Avengers at the domestic BO. If that continues, it'll end up at $680.7M. I don't know if its legs will be as good as Avengers, but I think $625M is pretty much on lock, which would make it #5 for all time DBO. If it can achieve the former, that would put it in the Top 3 for all time DBO.

As for FBO, it seems while the US is treating this like an event movie, the rest of the world is treating it more like any other big standalone Marvel film. Which is perfectly fine, but it does mean that BP has no chance to match Avengers $895.5M in the foreign market. If it doesn't do all that great in China, I could see it ending up at ~$550M-$575M. If it does good in China, it could be more like $600M-$625M.

So, WW, I see it anywhere from $1.18B on the low end to $1.31B. But, maybe FBO legs will surprise me. 

Last edited by thismeintiel - on 10 March 2018