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zorg1000 said:
LipeJJ said:
I just can't believe Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is selling so well. It might even surpass 20m at this rate.

Assuming that its eventually bundled ($250 MK8D bundle on Black Friday!!!) like almost every Mario Kart is than 20m seems likely.

I think it can pass Mario Kart DS to become the 2nd best selling in franchise history behind Mario Kart Wii.

Yeah, that will be a factor. I think we'll have a better look after Nintendo relases their Q1 figures in late April. If it ships 1m or more, it's an extremely good sign of things to come for it.

Bet with Teeqoz for 2 weeks of avatar and sig control that Super Mario Odyssey would ship more than 7m on its first 2 months. The game shipped 9.07m, so I won