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Seventizz said:
DialgaMarine said:
I don’t know why people claim Sony sold off Crash and Spyro... The games were co-published between Sony and Vivendi Universal, but the IP’s belonged to Vivendi Universal. When Activision bought out VU in (I think) 2000, they purchased the IP’s with them. Sony only had a say in the titles they published; not the IP’s as a whole. 

Sony’s Crash marketing was brilliant.  They just assumed Crash as their mascot vs Mario which they heavily played up against.  It worked, and strangely, it still works as Crash has been plastered all over the competing consoles right after its debut generation.  Heck, I even own Crash Team Racing on my Ngage.

Also, game magazines were a bigger gaming reference tool back in the day and they rarely got into the business side of gaming.  Not to mention the demographics were much younger then and let’s face it, they don’t care about the politics of gaming.

It was a great campaign, especially when you consider just how badly PS1 beat the crap of N64. That being said though, I’m glad Sony didn’t stick with him as a mascot. Crash is long passed his prime, and really just a nostalgia figure these days, and PlayStation really doesn’t need a mascot. 

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