I Really wanted to rate it with a 3 but i couldnt. I went with a 2. Well, it looks like i am the only person in the world who hates smash. I just dont like the game. I really dont. So for me, the only interesting thing would have been metroid, pkmn,  more zelda dlc (i know they said its not happening) and the retro open world game at least for the first party Segment. 3rd party i gor at least one game and that was south park. Thats why i gave 2 points foe it. And for octopath Traveler. Thats it. 2 games. 2 points. The doom wolfenstein direct was much better for me than this one.

And i hope that smash is comming out before E3 so that we dont have to waste any second for that game.