-Noticeably, there were no new game announcements at the Direct besides Smash. We got ports. -1
-No Yoshi or FE info...strange.
-Wasted so much time on Mario Tennis. Teaching us about the game's mechanics should've been an extended trailer posted on YT after the Direct. Just show us the new content -1

Ok, so this is what I think: this Direct was to inform us about Q2 games + July. There were other 2018 TBA dates here and there like Okami, Undertale and Smash. Just icing on the cake I suppose. If this was what Nintendo was trying to achieve, they succeeded

April: Labo, South Park
May: Hyrule Warriors DE, Tropical Freeze, Dark Souls, Little Nightmares
June: Mario Tennis, Sushi Strikers (I guess?)
July: Octopath, Captain Toad, Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

I think this is acceptable. We need more games for June, otherwise, this is alright.

E3 will inform us about Q3 beyond July, Q4 and 2019.

So far we have 2018 TBA: Travis Strikes Again, Smash for Switch, Mega Man 11, Blade Strangers, Yoshi, Fire Emblem and Bloodstained (interestingly, these are new games as well)

TBA in general: Pokemon, Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4, SMT 5