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Super Mario Odyssey DLC Yoshi - title & release date (July) Mario Tennis Aces - release date (June), amiibo & season pass Fire Emblem - title, trailer and release window (Autumn/Fall) Kirby Star Allies trailer
Hyrule Warriors - release date (May/June) Wolfenstein 2 - summer  Zelda DLC for Dark Souls Remastered Project Octopath Traveler - new trailer, title & release window Diablo 3 - trailer and release window
OS/eShop update in-coming (apps, folders) Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes- gameplay trailer & release window Nintendo Classic Game Selection details - free trial starts in August Ys 8 - release date (August) Smash Bros DX - September
Dragon Quest XI - trailer & release window Animal Crossing Switch New 3DS games: Ever Oasis sequel, 'Mii' game, Mario Party Monster Hunter XX HD coming West as Generations HD Metroid Prime Trilogy HD - Autumn/Fall
Retro Studios new game is: Donkey Kong World (DK64 successor) Overwatch for Switch Ubisoft's Switch port of Steep is now a 1080 game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 3D/HD (either remake or spiritual successor) Retro Studios new game is: StarTropics reboot

Ranging from 'Extremely likely' up there in the top left to 'In my dreams' in the bottom right.

EDIT: Looking at it, the first 14 seem plausible, everything else less plausible (at least for this Direct).