They don't last very long. Gold coins expire 12 months after you acquire them, and Platinum coins only last 6 months.

So if you purchased a Switch at launch along with Zelda, those points are gone.

However, you don't have to redeem physical game purchases right away. You can hold off until you are ready to spend them, and then claim your game card points all at once.

The downside is that physical games are only worth 1 point per dollar, and digital is 5 points per dollar.

What I'm curious about is how they track which games have been claimed. I rented ARMS after it came out and was able to claim it, as well as a copy of Mario & Rabbids a few months later. It's likely that no one had claimed those games yet, but I'm curious if there is something unique about each game card that allows them to be tracked independently.

Can my copy of Zelda be claimed by multiple different Switch consoles?