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I used to write reviews, opinion pieces, and tech analysis Head2Heads between PS3 and 360 for LensOfTruth when they still existed. I left before the site shut down, due to the fact that I no longer felt joy from playing games. Rushing through a game that I wanted to spend more time in just so I could get to the next review felt tiresome and like a chore. When a hobby is no longer fun because of one aspect of it, it is time to cut out that aspect.

I also wrote theories, fanfic, game breakdowns, etc on Zelda Amino for over a year before BotW was released under the name Sheiken.  So I guess from early 2016 to mid 2017? 


Somewhere in that ballpark...


That however was my own personal blog and I was in control of my own deadlines, so it was not the same kind of stress that comes with writing for a review site.  I have not made a post in quite some time however.

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