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In Luxembourg:

Gun control: Very repressive, you even need a permit for a archery bow or dulled fantasy swords. However, this means armed attacks are exceedingly rare, and security agents are generally unarmed. I far prefer this to looser gun laws as any kinds of attacks are generally just fisticuffs or knifefights at worst.

Health care: A bit special here. You first have to pay in full up front, but you get part or all of your money back, exept on medicine where the percentage is already applied when bought with a presciption. On antibiotics for instance, 80% are paid back to you, painkillers and symptom soothers 40-60%, vitamins and food supplements are always full price even with a prescription.

For hospital stay and other kinds of chiurgic medicine (like dental), the national healthcare system provides a high standard, but for those who want more, there are private healthcare companies who you can subscribe to to get their services.