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So I finally saw Star Wars: TLJ...yikes. I really disliked this movie. I'm going to just list my thoughts. SPOILERS 

Don't care about all this resistance and first order foolishness. Everything about it went in circles. I'm going to be completely honest and say that I surround myself with Star Wars because of lightsabers and force powers. Everything else is mute. Guess that's why I enjoy the old republic and prequel eras...

Finn, Rose and Poe were pointless and their storylines were fillers. Finn character went spiraling down when he wasn't declared a force user, now I honestly don't care for him. Rose was pointless and served no purpose along with her team up with Finn. Poe was annoying in this movie and tried so hard to be important.

The Las Vegas planet or whatever was so fillerish that I forgot about it soon as the focus changed. Another pointless thing in this movie.

Rey was...meh. My thoughts about her are still the same from the first movie. Samething for Kyle Ren.

The action with Kylo and Rey was pretty cool. These new movies need more lightsaber fights.

Snoke was idk...

Luke was boring in this film however the best thing about this movie was the Yoda scene.