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Including blogs or smaller websites, not forum posts but articles and reviews.

If so, what's the website and what are you currently writing about and what was the last article you got out?

Personally i write for, it's a small German site so it's probably not interesting for the typical VGChartz user. We are noncommercial, no ads or stuff like that.

Last article of mine that released is from a four part retro gaming today series and about modern retro consoles like SNES Mini or Atari Flashback.

My Bayonetta (2) Switch review should come online today though. A bit late because we're having some issues to find enough time as editorial staff, it's a hobby after all, not a paid job.

Right now i'm doing an article about game sopundtracks on vinyl and a Fe review. I also have some articles in the backlog, mainly because we're a bit stretched right now.

And yes, we've come to a point where we often get promotional copies. But for many companies we had to get a decent reader range first.