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John2290 said:

You look like a dumbass country to the rest of the world not because of Trump but because of your schools,n universities their faculty and students as well as these fringe leftist who go beyond the pale of absolute insanity. Countries infact have come up with there own words and terminologies outside of the US to describe these people in various langauges. Half of your media, the political opponents to the current government and even your comedians should be where to look if you want to find the reason as to why the world looks on in embarrassment and cringey shame and some with power hungry eyes and the division all this causes. Your absolute ignorance to support your leader at your own detriment. Trump may be a laugh and a half now and then but so has most of the presidents over the last three decades, we laughed and cringed, and looked on in anger much, much more when Billy Bush was in office, yet you all failed to see it. Trump isn't the problem, the people who make asses out of themselves and common sense are.

Where do you live? Because here, 'leftist' would probably the last thing the US would be assiociated with. They're mostly regarded as extremely conservative, religious and obsessed with guns.