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Not working. It's 2€ and 1€ in Store as well.

fielding88 said:
Xen said:
I get why someone would want to use it on XBO given that it's a rather closed system, but why would anyone want to use an UWP app over a proper program on PC?

Easy to locate, (re)download, (re)install, and use. 

I've had Torrex Pro for maybe 3-4 years now and it's met all my needs across PC/Phone/XB. 

I can't speak for you, but that's why I use this particular UWP app over a proper program on PC. I'm sure someone can point to other better torrent clients they prefer but it comes down to personal preference. 

All of the reasons you mention are of very little use. The real benefit comes from not having to manually update anything (or hoping the publisher of the software has implemented their own system for automatic updates).

That said, not worth it to me in most cases since software outside Store is usually better, but it's still a valid point.

Last edited by Zkuq - on 05 March 2018