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Hiku said:

Oh I believe it. That video you posted is a good example of how white supremacists gain favor from the general public. They're lead to believe that white people are more victimized than minorities. Take this specific portion of the video for example: "Even though there are far more whites who are killed by the police every year."

First of all, what that chart shows is not "far more" whites than the minorities. It's just about even, or slightly less. But even if you want to only compare it to another specific minority like "Black", the video creator conveniently leaves out two very obvious fallacies that he doesn't want you to think about.

1.) There are far more white people in USA than minorities:

and so with an overwhelming majority, there's little surprise that more white people than any other specific group are being killed. However, the main point is:

2.) The police shootings of minorities that have been sensationalized have generally been about cases where the minorities were murdered by the police (like the police officer who was sentenced to jail for shooting a black man in the back and then planting a tazer on him), or cases where that is the suspicion.
The reason many of the white police killings aren't sensationalized is because they're not as often executed while unarmed, with their hands on their head, etc.

These videos won't talk about these things. All they want is to scare people into buying into things like this other gem from the same video author:

I would like to tell everyone to please don't fall for this nonsense...
Yes, in some cases us white people get the shaft, but we are far far better off than any minority group. We will be just fine.

But that leads me into my main point here. No, I'm not surprised that Trump won because the average voter isn't very knowledgeable about who or what they vote for, are easily impressionable, especially when the motivation is fear and victimization, and they don't fact check.
Many people who voted for Obama fall into this category as well. They vote for the wrong reasons.
It's easier to win by being dishonest and using fear mongering.

This 100%. Also part of how the immigration acts of 1917 and 1924 were passed. Fear mongering. As long as you scare the public you can get them to believe what you want them to believe.