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Nautilus said:
Pinkie_pie said:
Capcom would be stupid to make a low budget monster hunter game. They will want to make monster hunter better so they don't lose any fans. Unless nintendo start making powerful console again, it's hard to see another monster hunter for nintendo

Switch is powerful enough to have a version of whatever the PS4 receives, just downgraded enough to run it.As Capcom themselves said, it would be difficult to make World work on Switch, but not impossible.If they think it could sell there, and its obvious that it can, there will be interest for such a port.

I don't think porting World to switch is a viable option, rather the next monster hunter should be designed with all platforms in mind from the start, including Switch. Some have said this approach would limit the games potential, however I don't think it would to any significant degree. I doubt World would have been that much different if it had been designed to run on the Switch from the start, the major differences would have been behind the scenes and not noticeable to the player, more how the game is developed/rendered/loaded etc, then the actual result we play.