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Somecallmejohnny. He is probably one of the most likeable reviewers on the internet. He seems aware that his opinions are his and never feels like he's forcing them onto the viewer. He tends to review a nice mix of old and new and doesn't appear to be overly biased towards any company.

Videogamedunkey. This guy has to be one of the funniest reviewers I've ever seen. His videos mix ridiculous comedy with some genuinely interesting critiques on videogames. His video talking about graphics in gaming is a particular stand out for me.

Mark Brown. Mark generally does video essays, but he does tend to critically talk about games he likes and dislikes. He is unrivalled in his knowledge of game design, all of his videos are full of insight into gaming. Out of everyone I've mentioned he is the one I'd recommend the most if your looking for an in depth look into game design.

Least favourite:

Jim sterling. I think he is one of the most obnoxious reviewers I've ever seen. Whether I agree with his opinion or not he just goes about everything in such a loud in your face kind of way. He comes across like his opinions are the only correct ones and everyone else is wrong. He seems to constantly seek out controversy to keep himself in the public eye. I think that overall he is having a bad affect on game critiscms as a whole. He tries to be funny but just isn't.

Angry Joe. The skits go on for so long and aren't funny.  His anger feels forced most of the time. He contradicts himself constantly.