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Ljink96 said:
Errorist76 said:

FIrst you say generations are over...then you say you’ve said nothing of that sort. Decide please. XBox One was never 599,- btw.

Yeah, I still think gens are over...where did I say I didn't say that? 

3) Never said the Xbox One X will hold its own against the Next PS Console


^^those two things are contradictory.



Intrinsic said: 
Ljink96 said: a faster CPU? And um you said PCs are being held back by the CPUs (i.e. Jaguar) but then you say your 7 year old i5 is faster than the One X? Am I missing something? Just get an i9 or Ryzen 7, and a 1080TI and you should be good to go. Should be more than enough. 

Sheesh.... how can you be so confidently wrong.

What he means is that games are made with the jaguar CPUs in the consoles in mind. So they are holding back the advancements that would otherwise be possible on the current generation of PCs on the market today.

What sense does it makw for him to buy a i9 or ryzen 7 when the game was designed to run on a jaguar?

Thank you.