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Ljink96 said:
Errorist76 said:

I game on PC, thank you. Problem is PCs are also held back by those weak CPUs. The Jaguar was already outdated at release 5 years ago.

My 7 year old i5 is faster than the CPU in the X1X! a faster CPU? And um you said PCs are being held back by the CPUs (i.e. Jaguar) but then you say your 7 year old i5 is faster than the One X? Am I missing something? Just get an i9 or Ryzen 7, and a 1080TI and you should be good to go. Should be more than enough. 

There’s no need to man! Not yet, since most games don’t even are CPU heavy...since they are developed with consoles in mind! I never said PCs are held back...I said GAMES on PC are held back!

Man, do you even follow what I said from the start?! We need a new gen with much faster CPUs for real progression in games! Better physics, AI...nothing like that is going to happen with Jaguar still around.