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Ljink96 said:
Intrinsic said:

Praise sony? I am just gonna ignore that.

If you know anything about hardware, you'll know that generations are defined primarily by the CPU and what new thiings its going to allow. And the combined improvement of every other aspect of the hardware. 

You will also know that there is no way that the XB1X can hold its own when its still powered by the Jaguar CPU.

You will also know tjat the difference betwwen the PS4pro ad XB1X is nearly identical to the difference between the PS4 and XB1. The numbers are bigger, but generally its the same percentage wise.

You will most importantly also know that both sony and MS are not going to make their new consoles based on tech on the market today (akA 16nm fabricated chips). The new consoles will be based on 7nm chips cause thats the only way to have a generational leap over the current existing tech and still come in at $400-$500. And if you have any idea what 7nm fabrication makes possible, you wont have said any of what you said to begin with.

You will also know that there will be improvements across the board. Not just with CPU anf GPU, but memory capacity and most importantly bandwidth.

I do not bash MS. I say it as it is. Feel free to point out a single post I have made 'bashing the xbox/ms' and i will ask you if whatever i was saying wasnt true.

Funny thing is, you arent wrong about the PS5, you are wrong about next gen in its entirety, everything i haw said now will apply to the PS5 and XB2.

Now please, lets keep any personal attacks on anyones character and or motives out of this and deal with juat the facts. 

1) Yes...let's not pretend here.

2) Like I said, if that were true, the previous generations would not have formed the way they did.

3) Never said the Xbox One X will hold its own against the Next PS Console

4) Don't know why that's important to my OP

5) And yeah, maybe Microsoft is making their console based off of today's tech. But you don't develop a console in 1 year my guy, Switch started finalizing around 2014-2015 and the tech available then wasn't the same tech available today. There has to be a cutoff eventually. One that favors performance and price. Something Sony should know all too well. The PS3 had amazing and forward thinking tech, but it was expensive and nobody knew what the hell to do with it starting out. If you want the "Next Generation" in technology, there's going to be a price that comes with it. And I don't think Sony is willing to take that price hike, especially after bragging about their 399 price when Xbox One was 599, or bragging about 299. And I even said in my original post, the only way they would have industry leading chips and smaller dies is by making an expensive console, which is the problem.

And I'm done, nothing else here to see that actually tackles hardware cost and nothing I didn't know before. Just barely scratching the surface actually. And before asking not to attack someone else, maybe not do it yourself? lol, come on. You basically called me stupid in your other post. 

FIrst you say generations are over...then you say you’ve said nothing of that sort. Decide please. XBox One was never 599,- btw.