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HokageTenshi said:
Errorist76 said:

And both can’t do proper native 4K. Next gen will be all about 4K/30 or /60 for some games. 

And all that, when more than half of the people don’t even have 4K need for an even more powerful model. 

Tbh I don’t even think 8K TVs are even needed for gaming at all.

i don't think a $400 console even at 2020 (which probably PS5 launching) will be strong enough to support AAA games at solid native 4K 30fps, so $500 Pro is more possible to achieve that, and launching only a $500 model doesn't seems really a friendly price for most gamers

That’s almost three years from will be easily possible with advances in RAM and CPU. Doesn’t mean all games will be native but most of them for sure. I already mentioned the reasons why an additional, more expensive and slightly more powerful console doesn’t make sense in my last posts.