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p0isonparadise said:
Slarvax said:

Do you have some February numbers I could see? (PS4, XBO, others if you can/want). I knew it was a good month, but not that good

I have past winners.

2017: PS4 - 398k
2016: PS4 - 405k
2015: 3DS - 395k (PS4 - 342k)
2014: PS4 - 285k
2013: X360 - 306k
2012: X360 - 426k
2011: X360 - 535k
2010: DS - 613k
2009: Wii - 753k
2008: DS - 588k (Wii - 432k)
2007: DS - 485k (Wii - 335k)

Wow. That's an average of 471.72k (370.75k for 8th gen systems)

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