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LipeJJ said:
Ryng_Tolu said:

Switch or Far Cry?

Both! Hahaha

I mean, 300k is good and all, but I’d like to see greater things from Switch.

Usually March is lower than February, but at least with 3DS, many times March was flat or even better than February. March 2013 was way bigger than February, with a flat weekly sales avarange, March 2014 too was better than February, and March 2016 was slighly down, more like flat compared to February (176k VS 171k).

If Switch is able to reach 400k in february, it can do it even in March, but i personally believe that the 350-400K range for Switch in February/March looks more realistic.


About Far Cry, i think it'll sell over 500k, maybe 600k.

Last edited by Ryng - on 02 March 2018