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flashfire926 said:
bonzobanana said:

I don't disagree about looking better as the wii u had improved textures in a few places but the game still had a cutdown number of online players, slower loading and lacked the 7.1 soundtrack of ps3 for example. Also the lack of analogue triggers on the gamepad meant the game simply didn't feel as good to play as the ps3 and 360 in my opinion, rumble felt worse too. I personally consider it a weaker version overall in actual playability (I own all three versions). For me I'd struggle to decide which is better ps3 or 360 and wouldn't consider the wii u to be in the running. It's not always about better graphics if the game is cut-down elsewhere.

All you say is true, but the that's more the fault of the wii U for having no analogue triggers, weaker gpu, and inferior online network.  That dioesnt take away from Criterion.

I don't consider the wii u a weaker gpu especially paired with that 32MB of high bandwidth memory  but I think the lack of online players compared to ps3 and 360 was more a cpu issue rather than online network issue but honestly not sure about that.  I think Criterion did a fantastic job of optimising the game for each console it was on. I just felt playability was better on ps3 and 360.