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Alara317 said:
I concur. So far it's the only best picture nominee I couldn't make it through. Boring, uneventful, might as well be a TV movie on the history channel that they show to highschoolers as punishment.

Today, I watched that (well, about half of it, I gave up and skimmed the rest), The Shape of Water, The Post, and Call me By Your Name.

Of them, I enjoyed The Shape of Water the most. The Post was also quite good; Spielberg manages to make something like reporting interesting.

I have to admit, I skipped like 30 minutes of Darkest Hour. It was too boring for me to watch the whole thing.

I still haven't watched The Post, Phantom Thread and Dunkirk. But from what I've watched, my favourites are Call Me by Your Name and Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Lady Bird winning wouldn't make me mad either. The Shape of Water is also amazing, but I have a few problems with it that really bug me. Get Out is good, but nothing remarkable imo