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DonFerrari said:
RaptorChrist said:
Never even tried a cheap gaming wheel before (unless you count the Wiimote plus Mario Kart wheel lolol). To me it's pretty crazy that a decent wheel costs as much as the PS4 or a 4K TV, so I imagine they are pretty legit.

I had the cheap option and now T500RS, there is a lot of difference, at the time i bought it, it costed like 3x the console.

John2290 said:

Just go for a T150 and save the money, he's not buying it for pc so theres no need to go throwing money at features that won't be used besides for the odd exception like Pcars2. 

I don't regret he T500RS, but that was tailored to GT5, still working good on PS4, unfortunatelly for some odd reason most of times it flips right and left pedal.

Errorist76 said:

My father always said “The one who buys cheap buys twice”. And he’s damn right. I wouldn’t cheap out on a wheel.

There is an adage to that: "Anything can always be made a little cheaper by someone, and the ones that value something only by the price are its rightful victims".

While that is also true, he was just saying that quality usually has its price.

Although one might argue, that PSVR is a great buy for the comparatively low amount of money it costs.

A T150 really isn’t that good though.. T300RS or G29 is the minimum one should go imho. 

Last edited by Errorist76 - on 03 March 2018