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LipeJJ said:
xMetroid said:

Agreed. Botw's mechanics and physic engine just opens up so many possibilities that i can't wait to see them push even further in the next game. I dream of a Zelda like Botw but maybe a little smaller and more into the story like you said and not the one from the past. Even tho i loved the fact it was different i  Botw. Also when i say dark i mean the enemies and some areas and towns not just the theme. I dont think there was anything creepy in Botw but its ok it didn't need to be. Just that i would like it in the next one.

I agree with you both. It would be interesting if the next game is still open world, maybe a bit smaller, but with some interesting sidequest stories and a bit more focus on the main story... all of that with a more tense atmosphere like Majora's and Twilight. If those games were as immersive and creepy as they were sometimes, I can't begin to imagine how it would be with today's technology.

And i think it could use a new villain too. I feel like the main think that was redondant from Botw's story was Ganon and how it was not used at all. As much as i loved the atmosphere in Botw from the world itself, towns, etc, i didn't feel any treat coming from Ganon if you know what i mean. Like yes it was scary at first when you first step into the fields but at mid game i was just saying to myself "well i would go but i want to enjoy the game still". I didn't have any moments of doubt as if i was ready for the battle and i feel like it's super important for a game that was also challenging sometimes.

So i think they should really use a darker Zelda game with a more modern hardware and Zelda format that focus more on the villain and how powerful it is. Cause in some point, Calamity ganon didn't do anything, it was all the creations it gave life to like the guardians which were terrifying in the cutscenes.


Anyway, i could go on forever about this :p