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Shadow1980 said:
Ryng_Tolu said:


Last month
[NSW] 270K
[PS4] 254K
[XB1] 235K

Wasn't the #1 predictor on ResetEra different from this? Is this just better-guess estimates?

Well, assuming that's less than a couple of percentage points off from reality, that means that the weekly average for the PS4 is down slightly YoY (maybe 3-4%), while the XBO's is up a fair amount (maybe around 18-20%). I'll use that for my February predictions, though my guess for the Switch is going to have to be just that.

NSW: 400k
PS4: 375k
XBO: 360k

Those are the numbers i have using the 5 best predictions on ERA, is not only the best one.


Actually, i have pretty precise numbers with PS4 at 253-254K, and XB1 at 234-235K. The Switch is the only console with a fair big range, 255K to 285K, the ~270K is the estimate i choise but could be wrong +-15K.

2020 predictions: NSW 25m, PS5 6m, XSX 4.5m, PS4 9m, XB1 3m

In December 2019 i predicted 21m Switch, but that was before COVID, obvius increased my predictions.