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Ka-pi96 said:
Platina said:
Gen VI and VII with the Exp All made things much simpler. Takes away a lot of grinding so I really like it, but it does make the game easier as well.

I only had issues at the beginning of Pokemon Moon when I had no Pokemon to combat the Magnemite at the School. (Only had Popplio, Pichu and Pikipek at the time)

The difficulty in ORAS seemed to be lowered, but I think Pokemon SM/USUM was able to get the difficult right, by taking into consideration the EXP all.

Serves you right for choosing the worst starter

But still, situations like that are pretty interesting, even if there's only a 1 in 3 chance of them happening. I still remember the difficulty of facing Brock in Red/Blue if you started with Charmander.

He clearly chose the best starter.

But I wouldn't say sun/moon were easy. I mean with the way I played it was more difficult to the point where I got rekt by an alolan raichu due to being under levelled. But I will say that a nuzlocke of sun and moon is something that will be hard especially US/UM. There are multiple totem pokemon that come to mind that will in fact kill you unless you overlevel. The grass one stands out, mimikyu could do it. And in US/UM the dragon psuedo legend... who I was multiple levels higher than surprised me when it took a moon blast due to its item then proceeded to destroy my team actually forcing me to use items. ORAS is the worst remake of a pokemon game hands down and it is too easy. But you wont have the problem with sun and moon, i've seen people do them... the majority fail, pretty early on.

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