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They have somewhat increased the difficulty in gen 7, actually. I tried a no random encounter (aside from capturing my team), no EXP share run of Ultra Moon, and I got destroyed. I've managed to do this in other games like Red (pretty easy), Crystal (Red is balls-hard, but everything else isn't too bad), Sapphire (Average difficulty), and White (Pretty damn hard, even with Excadrill). In UM, I ended up brickwalled by Kiawe. Not sure if gen 6 dumbed things down, but for the rest, it seems like the AI has found new ways to screw you over. Though once I gave up on the challenge and turned the EXP Share back on, the game almost went down to its usual 3ds easy mode, so the main culprit seems to be the EXP Share. Though I still wasn't steamrolling everything quite as easily as I was in Y, so someone who hasn't been playing since gen 1 like me might consider the game hard.