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xMetroid said:
Nuvendil said:

Well while it isn't creepy, what story there is in Breath of the Wild can be pretty dark.  It's just the story takes a pretty significant back seat.  I think a Zelda that zooms in on that more serious, occasionally grim tone with a greater story focus while retaining the more freeing gameplay of BotW would be a great way to follow up on BotW.

Agreed. Botw's mechanics and physic engine just opens up so many possibilities that i can't wait to see them push even further in the next game. I dream of a Zelda like Botw but maybe a little smaller and more into the story like you said and not the one from the past. Even tho i loved the fact it was different i  Botw. Also when i say dark i mean the enemies and some areas and towns not just the theme. I dont think there was anything creepy in Botw but its ok it didn't need to be. Just that i would like it in the next one.

I agree with you both. It would be interesting if the next game is still open world, maybe a bit smaller, but with some interesting sidequest stories and a bit more focus on the main story... all of that with a more tense atmosphere like Majora's and Twilight. If those games were as immersive and creepy as they were sometimes, I can't begin to imagine how it would be with today's technology.

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