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LipeJJ said:
xMetroid said:
Zelda will make insane numbers lifetime. It will do well till the Switch dies.
It will easily surpass 10 million in less than 2 years. It will get some bumps once new Zelda games come out.

Anyway, just really glad Zelda is doing so well and its not only a good sign for the franchise but for every core Nintendo franchise. I think Nintendi doesn't have to fear using new ideas and new franchises anymore with how easily they can market a game on Switch.

I think we will see more bold moves from them during Switch lifetime. Like even Arms is passed 1.5 millions by now this is maybe little compare to juggernauts but for a new fighting franchise with new gameplay, that's huge.

Its showing good news for Metroid Prime 4 and Bayo 3 and hopefully more hardcore and mature games like this. Would love to have a more dark atmosphere Zelda game for the next one.

My thoughts exactly. it will easily surpass 10m this year combined. And I also want a darker, more sinister Zelda next time. As much as I loved BotW's style, I loved the creepiness of Majora's and Twilight so much that I'd like to see that again next time. It would be glorious, and I think now the time is right for it: they're now are familiar with HD development and huge open world development, and Switch is decently more powerful than Wii U, which was already able to run a beautiful and complex game like BotW.  So I think they can pull it nicely.

Exactly!!!! I think the franchise is due for a more darker episode with the last 2 being Botw and SS. I loved Botw's artstyle and i think it's the best one yet for the franchise. But i just like the story line and atmosphere better when it's more creepy Zelda. I would be surprised if they do another cell-shading game since they like to change thinks up.