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Errorist76 said:
Slap&Ride said:

Hmm i love music so there are no 5 best bands for me, but ok lets go.

  1. SymphonyX
  2. Dream Theater
  3. Pantera
  4. Behemoth
  5. Blümchen
  6. Opeth


Find the error?

You only snuck Blümchen in there for comedic reasons, didn’t you? O_o

You got me ;)   But I must admit that i actually listen to different types of music. Rock and metal were always there, but everything else too, so when I was like 17 or something I actually both her album;)    (but to years prior i both The Great Southern Trendkill soooo... I'm forgiven ?;)

Errorist76 said:
Bit disappointed actually. ..I somehow hoped to learn about some great, new music. Instead everyone here seems to be living in the past.

I don't have great music for You, but strange one... maybe Fantomas (and-or) Mr. Bungle? I know they are a little "different" but maybe reading about them might make it more approachable.