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I think the closest i've come to dying was when I got hit by a car back in November 2016.

I was walking home from school and crossing the crosswalk that I had always crossed for years (I still didn't drive yet at the time) and the light turned for me to cross so of course I started going since I had the right of way. I looked to make sure each car had actually stopped and started crossing (something i've always done anyway) and I see a car that's a while away and logically think "well that car obviously sees me crossing and that the light is telling me to go so they know they have to stop".

Nope. Next thing I know I get plowed by the car, which hit my knees, and flung me onto my chest in the street which I barely managed to push my arms in front of me while falling to avoid fully faceplanting. I wasn't really injured, had no broken bones or anything and immediately got up off the ground and said "What the fuck lady!?" since I was of course angry, in my head at the time I was thinking "did this dumbass really just fucking keep driving  and ram into me when they saw I had the right of way to go and they were supposed to stop".

She was all apologizing and stuff and there was a off duty cop or something near by who saw the whole thing and said something about how he had to call an ambulance or something to make sure I was ok. Ended up getting taken to a hospital by an ambulance to make sure I wasn't significantly injured, my knee and elbow were hurting since those took the brunt of the hit and my fall. She gave me her insurance info and stuff to cover the costs. The cops who asked me at the hospital after what happened told me that she apparently had sight issues (she later claimed that I was riding a bike when I was literally just walking) and that they were gonna make her retake her driving test.

I don't think she was a horrible woman or anything, though I was angry at the immediate time it happened because I think anyone would reply in anger at first, but she really shouldn't have been driving if she had sight issues. To think that my life, or anyone elses life had they been the person crossing when she was driving that day, could have been ended in a situation like that because she was driving when she apparently had sight issues annoys the fuck out of me to think about. 

I don't think I would have died in that situation since she wasn't going fast enough and she braked as soon as the car hit me and again I had no serious injuries luckily, but had she been going faster in her car I think I probably could have died.

Last edited by FloatingWaffles - on 26 February 2018