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When I was almost 5 I ran into the road following another child and was hit by a car, spent my 5th birthday in hospital and the man who hit me gave me lots of presents although he was completely without fault.

A few years ago someone messed with the tyre pressures on my bike, releasing some pressure. It caused my bike to skid while a articulated lorry was passing. Luckily the road was bending to the right not left so I skidded off the road rather than under the articulated lorry. At first I thought it was a slow puncture but by leaving the bike in the back of my estate car where no one could get to it I realized I didn't have a slow puncture at all and someone had messed with my tyre pressures. I'm sure if I had died no one would have realized it was effectively a murder or manslaughter and they would have got off scot-free. I had my suspicions who did it but was never sure. Not that I think they intended for me to die purely as something to annoy/upset me. Taught me never to under-estimate the mindless stupidity of human beings and how little they think ahead about the consequences of their actions.