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mZuzek said:

Is there even a band called Queens? Either way nah, it was QotSA there all along.

Not replying to the rest of the post because at this point you're just beginning to take random light comments too seriously (classic you, isn't it?). If anything, everyone's opinion, including mine, is worth a carrot. Except professional reviewers of course, they get paid, so theirs is probably as valuable as an expensive Indian dish. I don't like Indian food!

Oh yes, I took a comment very seriously because I spent two minutes writing a reply to it. You always write a comment like that by the way, you've done it like a million times and ever time i didn't care as much as you seemed to think i did, so maybe the irony is lost on you - I think you're thinking too much about it, lighten up space squirrel! I'm not allowed to poke fun at you?

I call - Queen - Queens all the time. Just saying "Queen" sounds wrong, somehow. 

Last edited by AngryLittleAlchemist - on 26 February 2018