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Harkins1721 said:
And 11 teens die a day while texting and driving. Time to ban cars. Oh you need a license? Yeah not everyone follows this rule. Lots of people don't even have insurance of their cars.

Then why even have rules right.  Since people do not follow rules we should just get rid of them and let people do what they want and let GOD sort them out.  Or could it be that we have rules because they set the standard what our society is willing to tolerate and set defined penalties for breaking those rules.  So yes, teens can kill people texting while driving.  They might not actually die but if caught doing this act, we have laws to punish them and set an example.  There isn't one law today that anyone has to follow.  We as a society put those laws, rules and regulations in place to set the standard and penalty for disobeying the laws.

For people who want to have a deadly weapon, not having standards, Laws and regulations that put the onus and responsibility of possessing a weapon of destruction on those individuals really does sound silly.