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Ka-pi96 said:
Bristow9091 said:

Technically I am sat in the corner, that's where my computer is :o 

It still seems like a non-issue that people are blowing up solely because it's Konami though, lol. Everyone seems to be taking a dig at them whenever possible ever since they got rid of Kojima, lol.

Agreed. Any other publisher would get away with it but people just hate Konami

It's still a pretty shitty practice in any case (at least for games you have to buy, would be much more acceptable if it were free to play), but it's certainly not a practice that's exclusive to Konami.

Except those other games give you the option of creating a new character free of charge if you want, Metal Gear Survive doesn't.

Let's break it down for those MMOs/"other games" that supposedly do it, shall we?


  • WoW gives you up to 16 character slots per server for free.
  • ESO gives you 8 free character slots.
  • FFXIV only charges for additional characters on the same server, you can create as many characters as there are servers without paying extra and you can play all classes on one character.


So no, not the same thing at all.

Even if those "other games" did do precisely what MGS does:

1)Other companies conducting shady business practices doesn't make it okay.
2)Konami is no position to pull shit like this after all their scummy business practices, case in point

And on that note...

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